Only at a birthday party at someones home could this happen. A lovely lady enjoyed the show from the safety of her house in the Falkland islands! The hosts sister wanted to be a part of the festivities and see her Dad take part in the show. Who’d have thought you don’t have to be at the show to experience it! Thanks to video calling and a good wifi connection we had a blast. In fact it added to the atmosphere and the madness of it all as she was loving the show so much. Her reactions were priceless and were received as well as if she had been there.

Also I was lucky enough to perform for a lovely family at their home in the Cornish countryside. A Dad/Grandads 80th birthday meant a small group of select family members got to share an exprience that you couldn’t ever make the most of if you were in a hall, theatre or show place.

Home parties are somewhat forgotten when it comes to booking a magician but I can assure you your home is one of the best places to enjoy magic. You’re with your close friends, family, your relaxed and it makes an even more enjoyable time. The comfort of your own furniture, food, drink and company is a lovely way to enjoy magic. I prefer it in many ways as it’s a very intimate and relaxed setting. You get to know people a bit better and have to fight less as they’re really inviting you into their home so they want to make the most of it. There’s less sceptisism on the part of the guests as they didn’t have to each pay for a ticket.