Just another magician in Devon?

So why is this relevant for you booking a magician? Well you get a choice. You book the one who’s just in it for the money and prestige. Or you book the one that’s crafting a show that no one else in the world performs.

Maybe your asking is this just a post to boost search rankings? Maybe it is. But it’s hopefully going educate you as to the landscape of magical and mystery entertainment professionals out there.

First a gripe. I’ve fallen prey to it myself, copying. Magicians in Devon have a habit of copying all the other magicians out there. They buy the same tricks. Yes buy them from magic shops. I know right, disappointing.

It’s a sad fact many ‘working professionals’, not all of them, are copying each other. Performing the same stuff, copying the same jokes.

Why do a lot of performers do this? Because they’re driven by a market that sells secrets. For hobbysists this is a boon but for professionals often a trap. Trappings of mediocrity. Because there is something that these shops don’t sell and that’s the performers story. They don’t sell the things that make you tick outside of the magic world.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant world. Some great magic exists and not all magic is made equal. I’d even say that yes some of the things you can buy are brilliant for professional use. But you need to know how to make it your own. It’s difficult to make it your own.

I know a magic shop in Devon that I have freqeuented. Many a time I’ve entered that shop and ‘M’ as shown me the wares but told me not to buy it. Or he says go away and think about it. Maybe he says it wouldn’t suit you. Or he knows that it’s just not a very good bit of magic just out there to make a quick buck for magicians who want to know secrets.

And there is a skill in knowing what’s good and what’s not. What suits you and not someone else. But the true skill is in turning something that is a classic or a phenomenal piece of magic into you’re own piece of entertaining theatre.

I’ve been to gigs where they’ve booked multiple magicians. It’s sad when you find you’re comparing yourself to other people asking what are you doing? And knowing that one or the other is going to have to choose to do something else instead.

Written on October 4, 2021