Welcome to my journal of magic shows and creativity. I travel around as a magician in Devon and Cornwall. Sometimes other places. I make art and design things for my shows and other people. I hope you find something of interest here.

Home Magic Shows

So recently I put my hat back on and packed the case for some brilliant home shows for a family party. Read on to find out why I’ve found a home magic show is the best way to make memories and experience magic.

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Answers for all

I made an 8Ball! I’ve personally had a go on one of these toys and it always gives me hope that I get the answer I want.

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Follow the omens

Learn to recognize omens, and follow them Paulo Coehlo–The Alchemist Bold words need special character. The visual nature of words is something we don’t consider as magicians but graphic designers do all the time.

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Monday's Child

Is a fortune telling song made popular as a nursery ryhme. It’s meant to tell the personality or future of the child, while teaching them the days of the week.

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Tinker Tailor

A fortune telling song which I will use to pick spectators. Here’s an idea. Someone is hiding a black marble. The rest are hiding a clear marble.

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