Welcome to my journal of magic shows and creativity. I travel around as a magician in Devon and Cornwall. Sometimes other places. I make art and design things for my shows and other people. I hope you find something of interest here.

Something borrowed continued

I was a wedding magician yesterday at East Sour Farm in Devon. Have a look at the page if you’re looking for a venue. Yesterday I saw how far I’ve come as an entertaining performer.

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8000 Miles Away

Only at a birthday party at someones home could this happen. A lovely lady enjoyed the show from the safety of her house in the Falkland islands!

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Enchanting Barns in Devon

You get to see some beautiful places when you perform at events. This wedding was no exception. I looked at the venue on Google maps but you really don’t get the full feeling until you’re there.

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Two Magical Women

A magician friend of mine couldn’t make a friends wedding and recommended me for it. It’s nice being able to help out other magicians and even nicer when someone recommends you.

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