Wednesday Night Magic 007

This time it was just Mal Norton and I. We had a full house and people standing! The sound went a little smoother this time and the venue have had some good lighting installed that allows us to control it a bit more for theatrical effect.

After chatting with the boss he is keen to get us a dedictated sound guy and some head mics in to up the game.

These shows are getting better every month and the audiences seem to keep coming.

When can I see the show?

20:00-22:00 @ The BBar, Barbican Theatre, Plymouth.

Come and see an evening of magical entertainment in Plymouth, comedy and mystery entertainment. Free entry for all first come and first served. Grab some noodles and enjoy the show.

The acts are always a surprise and we do our best to get a new performer each time. If we can't find a new performer then we do make sure to add new material in. Even if you've come before then please visit again.

News can be found on the BBar facebook events page.

You can also see the shows listed on their website nearer the time.

Written on February 19, 2020