I met Sue at a wedding I was booked for in 2017. Sue is the organiser of events at Calstock Arts Centre. We thought it would be a good idea to put on a magic show to raise funds for the centre and to offer something a bit different for the local community.

Calstock Arts is a charity and volunteer led venue that hosts events for the local community and surrounding areas of Cornwall.

So I and another magician went to Cornwall to share some wonder with the world. Turns out they like magic in Cornwall.

Titled Sleightly Mad the show featured sections of my act and the local magic shop owner Mal Norton.

I love working with Mal as he’s a seasoned pro and it’s humbling to work alongside him. Just to think I used to be an amateur wondering if I’d ever get the chance to be on stage. I guess I have got that chance and I’m grateful for it. Thanks Mal for all the lessons and wise words.

Hopefully they will find another time later in the year to put on another magic show. My act is always evolving and I’d love to do another show. Great audience and a lovely venue.

Keep up the good work Sue and the crew. Thanks for being so welcoming and helpful.

Take a look at the event page and other events coming up

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