Category Inspiration

Treasures that light a fire in my imagination.

Von Trap

For the first time in nearly a year I did street shows with one of the best of friends and people. The inimitable Matt von Trap.

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The Attic

The attic. It wasn’t always a room but now it’s a place where I write, create and make magic. It’s also the home office, library and gadget room.

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The Pink Fairies

Someone thinks of a colour. I divine the colour while reciting this poem by Cicely Mary Barker and cutting a flower from tissue paper. The poem was written in 1944 and it perfectly fits this performance.

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Answers for all

I made an 8Ball! I’ve personally had a go on one of these toys and it always gives me hope that I get the answer I want.

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Follow the omens

Learn to recognize omens, and follow them Paulo Coehlo–The Alchemist Bold words need special character. The visual nature of words is something we don’t consider as magicians but graphic designers do all the time.

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