Category Inspiration

Treasures that light a fire in my imagination.

Monday's Child

Is a fortune telling song made popular as a nursery ryhme. It’s meant to tell the personality or future of the child, while teaching them the days of the week.

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Tinker Tailor

A fortune telling song which I will use to pick spectators. Here’s an idea. Someone is hiding a black marble. The rest are hiding a clear marble.

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Performers not props

So many slick looking suited and booted magicians parade the magic market. Anyone can buy a trick these days. Go on google magic trick shops and you’ll find them.

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Hidden in plain sight

You wouldn’t believe what you can find if only you look. Are you looking for a life changing experience? I wasn’t but I had one and I think you could to if you choose to see what’s hidden in plain sight.

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Something borrowed continued

I was a wedding magician yesterday at East Sour Farm in Devon. Have a look at the page if you’re looking for a venue. Yesterday I saw how far I’ve come as an entertaining performer.

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