Category Inspiration

Treasures that light a fire in my imagination.

Enchanting Barns in Devon

You get to see some beautiful places when you perform at events. This wedding was no exception. I looked at the venue on Google maps but you really don’t get the full feeling until you’re there.

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Something borrowed

The poem Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a sixpence in her shoe. What is this superstitious rambling? It looks like something about the success of a marriage based on folklore.

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Favourite song

I love music. A song can encapsulate a moment and make you feel it again. That song is and can be real time travel to a moment you felt that feeling.

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A hero with 52 faces

A hero with 52 faces is someone on a journey with 52 cards and curiosity of the impossible. Exploring the mysteries of the world to find the truth amongst them.

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Teaching Magic

Teaching magic can make you a better magician. I’ll put that out there. I’ve taught a couple of people magic formally. A few informally. Firstly this is rare.

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