You get to see some beautiful places when you perform at events. This wedding was no exception.

I looked at the venue on Google maps but you really don’t get the full feeling until you’re there. The map is flat and despite any attempt to make it 3d you won’t know till you visit. Unfortunately you might visit on a bad day and the weather may be foul but his weekend it wasn’t. The weather was stunning.

As I drove over the Devon countryside to Harefield Barn, through Exeter and Shute on the way to Crediton, you reach what can only be described as Devon’s version of Tuscany. Rolling hills with cultivated crops and tall poplar trees that glowed in the midday sun. Had it been a dull day I’m sure you’d not have noticed it as much but last weekend it shone.

It was such a relaxing atmosphere when I got there and I’m still not sure if it was the venue or the Bride and the Grooms doing. They were both lovely and charmingly calm about the whole event. In no rush and enjoying every moment that their company and venue afforded. At the back of the venue the hills roll off into the horizon.

People mustered around the patio outside, the bar and the waveriding machine.