Frequently asked questions

Q. How do I know you can entertain my guests?

A. I entertain guests because 14 years of professional performing experience is hard earnt. Also The Magic Circle in London is one of the most prestigious magic clubs in the world and they don’t let people in unless they’re great.

Q. How do I know you’re worth the cost?

A. It’s great value because you’re getting a seasoned performer from the countries most prestigious magic club at a fraction of the cost of a London based performer.

Q. How do I know my deposit is safe?

A. I use a standard terms and conditions agreement which is a legally binding document. I offer full refunds for bookings cancelled within a reasonable amount of time. Read the terms and conditions

Q. What do other people think of your service?

A. The homepage of this site has some nice testimonials. They’re lovely people that have paid me in the past. You could also read some of the reviews on my Google Business listing Harris Magic.

Q. Could I get this service cheaper or without paying?

A. The chances are the service might not be as good and your guests will notice. By paying your choosing someone who is committed to offering a good service. You’d also not get the re-assurance of a contract by not paying.

Q. How can I trust you not to make a fool of my guests?

A. I love entertaining with artisitc, humourus and funny performances of impossibilities. Although there is humour in my show it’s not a comedy act built to humiliate people. I want my performances to make people feel wonder, amazement and fun.

Q. I’m concerned about you storing my information and sharing it?

A. I share no communications unless given permission for testimonials, photo and video. Emails are only sent to my inbox and not stored in a database. Any booking information is stored in a spreadsheet that is only used for accounting purposes. I sometimes follow up bookers to ask for feedback and update them on my latest news.