This gig was great. It was a lovely venue and the rain didn’t stop us having some fun. Tom and Janine have given me the opportunity to perform at their wedding and I’m doning a new grey coprporate looking suit. I’ve had a hair cut and I’m ready to schmooze. I hate schmoozing. I’ve sinced changed my look a bit.

I’m standing in a barn cards in hand chatting to someone and we both notice a family who’ve been invited to the wedding. They both walk down the adjoining garden with two children. The adults are both wearing hats.

Not much out of the ordinary at a wedding but the deep burgundy vintage hat with a large round rim worn by the man is an instant sign. Matching burgundy suit and a sleek foxish look about him.

The guest and I both look at each other and say he looks like a magician right? Bemused we both thought the same thing we carry on. I mingle and show some more things to people and I bump into the Groom Tom.

Tom says “you should meet my friend. He’s a member of The Magic Circle, his names Robin”. At the time not being a member of the prestigious London Club I’d relish the opportunity to chat to a fellow afficionado of conjuring.

As it turns out he comes over and starts a chat. Or was it the other way round? I can’t remember. Maybe he even just appeared next to me from the shadows or the bar. Can never be too sure when your drunk on wonder.

He asks my name and I say I’ve been told his. I’ve just showed someone some magic and we both remark he looks like a magician. The guest I’m with asks him to show them something.

Reluctantly and politely not wanting to steal my thunder he agrees and takes out two rubber bands. Inconsequential objects. Not the least suspicious or arcane. But the next few moments were wonderful.

The finness that he had with them was incredible. The bands changed shape and size broke then repaired vanished and reappered.

I made a friend for life.