Learn to recognize omens, and follow them

Paulo Coehlo–The Alchemist

Bold words need special character. The visual nature of words is something we don’t consider as magicians but graphic designers do all the time.

I thought I’d look at some of those secrets. The secrets of small caps and if you can use them instead of the common bold characters.

I searched online for some examples and the first article I click is this one.

The example uses a booklist including a book on conjuring. Weird. Weird that the book doesn’t exist.

Who knows what it means. Maybe it’s the Frequency Illusion or maybe the universe is telling me I’m looking at the wrong things or the right things depending on which way you look at it.

Is it that typography is as interesting as conjuring or is it conjuring that is more intersting than typography.

Maybe it’s just that I’ve spent so long looking for conjuring references that I notice them when they pop up!

I’d like to think it’s the universe but we’ll never know.