You wouldn’t believe what you can find if only you look. Are you looking for a life changing experience? I wasn’t but I had one and I think you could to if you choose to see what’s hidden in plain sight.

I spent a weekend in the woods with a group of friends and some magicians of nature. They showed me secrets of the natural world that I’ll remember forever. You must find the source, wherever you are, of natures wonder.

It really is magical, replenishing and calming being in a natural environment. Seeing the flowers the fields the greenery. The peace. Silence. It’s remarkable how you feel when you re-connect. It is real magic.

One of the teachers or should I say story tellers was incredibly artful in their delivery of the knowledge that exists in the natural world. Through anecdotes and poetry he illustrated all of the skills we learnt. Enrapturing the audience with awe and wonder at the boons he’d discovered. Passing on the secrets of the wild freely, willingly. With care and diligence he navigated us around the stars. Showed us the purity of waters deep and the nourishment and healing the Gaia provides.

This sounds lofty doesn’t it but it was life changing. I will be spending more time in nature. Sharing it, preserving it and caring for it. The natural world is us. We are it. We must protect it and above all enjoy it for it really is our power and strength.

Where will you find yours in the outdoors or in a screen.