So recently I put my hat back on and packed the case for some brilliant home shows for a family party. Read on to find out why I’ve found a home magic show is the best way to make memories and experience magic.

After a loooong time I’m back out doing shows. The rabbits been fed and the wand ready. It’s slightly surreal but seeing bookings come in is comforting. I’ve had bookings come in that I’ve been saying no to recently. Who’d have thought that would happen!

It’s happened for a reason though. All the shows are great fun but I’m looking forward to doing more of the shows that I love. Stick with me I’ll explain why.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Mylor, Falmouth for a family show for 10 people. I’ve been getting interest for home shows and it’s worth considering if you need to organise one. Getting a good magician to do a parlour show is a great idea if you’re looking to spend some time together at home.

No busy crowds no annoying people you hadn’t planned on spending time with. No formality. No obligation.

But why are home shows so good?

Two reasons.

The first reason is you get to exprience a range of conjuring that you wouldn’t normally experience. A lot of magic exists that you won’t see if the magician is just wondering around and mingling. Vice versa for the stage magician you won’t see much of the stuff that a close up magician would do. And in both these public settings you’re often tied to experiencing it with people you don’t know or in a situation where having a chat with someone is a better use of your time.

Secondly you get to spend your time with your family or close friends. We all know that’s priceless. If you are like me then you love to do stuff with your closest.

Sharing the wonder of conjuring with the inner circle is a blessing and a gift. Whereas if you were sat at a show you aren’t likely to be able share the moments in an informal and pleasant way.

Ok you read this far. So why is my show worth seeing?

Because I love the art of magic and I want to share my story with you.

I deeply respect the creative arts and I’m on a path to putting it into my magic life as a show. I’ve pursued all my passions in my home show. Art, craft, conjuring, sleight of hand, music and humour.

My home show is a combination of the magic I think is wonderful. The show tells a lyrical story of people I’ve met, things I’ve learnt and just some of the bonkers things that the world of magic has to offer.

There are funny moments, some thoughtful ones but above all it’s amazing on different levels which I hope appeals to the intelligent and playful of us all.

For the few that choose to book a home show you’re in for a treat you won’t get anywhere else.