You stand there at your trade stand and you wonder how many leads you might get. You’ve spent thousands of pounds on being there. Merchandise, people, hotels, expenses and marketing.

Will it pay off. I asked those questions myself on behalf of my previous employer. Grey Matter used to employ me as a graphic designer.

Now they pay me to do magic on stand at corporate conferences. I have to pinch myself to believe it. But on reflection now I can see why it works. Maybe it was because it was my birthday and I got lucky or maybe I had a plan.

With 10,000 people at Ignite this year it is nearly impossible to find out everything about them or even meet them. Qualifying a lead takes time and getting attention is an art form.

That’s when I realised the value of the skills I have. I know businesses from having worked for them in a corporate capacity as an in house and freelance designer in different industries. And I have presentation and entertainment skills that I’ve learnt from my passion for performing magic for paying people.

I am buzzing after having successfully put the two together to help a business significantly increase lead generation at a very high profile event.

The first year I did Ignite with Grey Matter I was working for them 2 years ago. They got 250 leads. The second year I didn’t go they got 80. This year we got 500. All with just 2 rubik cubes, a black hole and a brown paper bag.

That’s nuts. If we convert 1 percent of that into a good customer it will pay for itself indefinitely. I also know now with a more improved pitch I might be able to increase the number of leads.

Qualifying leads isn’t always the goal. Brand awareness is tied in to the show so even if someone is not a potential customer they might know someone who is. A unique memorable experience with a trade show performance is better than a forget-able piece of merchandise. Know that they won’t remember what you gave them or did. They will remember how you made them feel.

At Ignite this year we made them laugh and learn something about a business at the same time. A powerful combination of things for anyone looking to make a lasting impression.

The show and pitch I did was not frivolous but intrinsically tied into the audiences needs, services and messaging. And it worked.

I know their business well but it’s something I think would work with many other types of industry or business. Not just the tech sector.

Maybe it could work for your business. I think it will.