When thousands of people gather for the benefit of the few you should gather to. Communities rely and thrive on help from everyone. So I do my best to help when I can.

Not everyone is guaranteed a long and fruitful life. The race for life is a time for celebrating survivors, remembering the lost and fighting for those still battling cancer.

I’ve performed for free at this event for several years now. Every time their gratitude is so great. They are all warming positive people helping each other make a better life for those around them.

Last year they gave me an unexpected certificate at a celebration they were having. To thank me for the support I’d shown them. Hiring entertainment costs money and the thought that they thanked me in such a way just goes to show they’re grateful.

I can’t believe the positive attitude of the people. I meet cancer survivors and perform for them whilst they have a tea and lunch. Friends and strangers talk, smile and laugh. It amazes me that they are quick to smile and forget the bad times, remember the good and move on.

Meeting these people has changed me for the better. I question myself less. Appreciate other people more and I hope that I’ll have the resilience and strength that they do when I see adversity. Real adversity.

People camp in the wind, rain and sunshine. All weather and walk for 24 hours. Kids camp and help raise money on stalls pitched outside a makeshift camp made in the middle of a local school field.

Music hums, the big band plays and a DJ plays music throughout the day. He’s keeping the walkers walking and the relay running by the beat of a drum and the strength of a hundred hearts.

There’s music in the crowd even when no instruments play. When people gather and move for a cause together we all feel the fruits of solidarity.

Show me the way relay runners. Show me the way and I’ll walk.