Whoever Tells the Best Story Wins

Annette Simmons

I’ve forever been fascinated with captivating talks, speakers and folk who just have something that charms you.

It’s more often than not they have a way of telling their thing that gets you hooked. Sometimes I’m not sure what it is but it’s enchanting spellbinding even.

Believe it or not spells are just words believed to have an effect. When a performer truly engages you with their story it can profoundly entertain you and make you wonder.

If you can tell a story that might make you think, laugh or cry then you should be happy with that. If you get to all three of those then we’re on to the special stuff.

The speical sauce. An alchemy of sorts. Something sweet and savoury. Milk for the bones and honey for the soul.

A moment that you will remember forever. That’s what we’re after.