One of the hats that I wear as a professional is that of a creative. I paint, illustrate, design and build things for people as a job. It’s not often someone wants to hear about that but recently the opportunity to share some of the things I know did.

I was asked to give a talk on the magic of writing the perfect creative brief. It was a lightning talk. 10 minutes to be exact and was to a room full of professionals.

I love presenting ideas as much as entertainment. Given the chance to do both lights me up. And apparently I’ve found out other people enjoy it as well.

The power of entertainment and ideas that make a life better is a powerful cocktail for anyone daring to mix it. But it can have it’s pitfalls if not done correctly.

Shoehorning a magic trick into a presentation or vice versa an idea into a magic trick is a dangerous process. A rewarding process if done right but a risky one.

I find myself thinking of symbols. Parallel ideas that work in both realms with either similar feelings or meanings. Sometimes research finds the right combination sometimes it’s inspired. Mostly it’s hard work.

The more connections you make between interests the more dots you join. The more interest you have the more dots can be joined but without exploring connections aren’t made. The journey is over.

I wonder what opportunities will present themselves next!