I love music. It’s ability to feel and be felt. A song can encapsulate a moment and make you feel it again. That song is and can be real time travel to a moment you felt that feeling. What does that have to do with magic? Thought you’d never ask.

Magicians have the ability to make that moment the same as a song does. To feel something that you will run over in you mind again. The difference is magicians don’t often repeat tricks for the same audience. But still years later a person will recall that moment. Retell and relive a wonder. An impossibility they’ve played over in their mind. Some amazing, brilliant and inexplicable.

I remember performing at a Christmas party for a posh nosh hotel. On that night two people told me independent stories. One about a young magician called Derren. They’d remembered seeing him at a restaurant in Bristol at the beginning of his career. The other person recounted how last year a magician at the same hotel had produced a folder playing card from his mouth. She still had the card in her hand bag! Both stories are amazing. One remembers a person early on in their journey. Proud they’d met fame. The other story is about that song they cherish to this day marked by the symbol of a card.

I hope to show you that song. The one you play over. The one you tell your friends. It’s hard. Very hard to be remembered. Often people tell of a magician they saw once. They don’t often remember the magician though. Maybe that’s his fate. Sacrificing mystery to be mystery.

The magician knows the song. Each note, each moment and it’s mechanics. He plays it for you. But will you remember him? Will you remember me. Will you feel the feeling that mystery brings the mystery that wonder sings. I hope so.