The Three Card Game

Somehow you got your dirty little mits on one of these packets of cards. Well lucky you your’e holding a cheats secret. Guard it wisely.


All you need to know about the ‘secret moves’

Challenge Routine

A presentation that gets the audience guessing where the card is.

Trick Routine

An impossible transposition and vanish of the target card.

Performance notes

These will help you learn and prevent you looking a fool if you get it wrong.

  1. Practice it a few times before you show someone.
  2. Make sure the cards are setup right before you start.
  3. Write down what to say and when the moves are.
  4. Practice what you will say.
  5. Practice the moves.
  6. Record your performance on a phone if not use a mirror.
  7. Try it on someone who will be kind first then try it on more people.