The caption of a photo online

“Street magician. Someone told me this is @harriskristien”

It brought a smile to my face and mystery to my evening.

This was one of those real magic moments (this time for the wizard) and of all the places it happened in my hometown in Plymouth.

Plymouth Photographer @MzDenkinson was passing one of my street shows and snapped this cracker of a picture only to vanish into the crowd without a trace.

The following day she posted the picture and tagged my Instagram account online saying someone told her it was me! What a world we live in.

If I didn’t have an Instagram account Kate wouldn’t have found me and I wouldn’t be able to share this story with you now. This also goes to prove that word of mouth is a powerful thing but I still wonder who told Kate it was me! Don’t you love the mystery.

Sadly Kate has taken her accounts offline if anyone knows if she is still online let me know and I’ll link her here.

Thanks Kate for posting the pic and sharing it with me. Keep taking pics because they’re great!