A magician friend of mine couldn’t make a friends wedding and recommended me for it. It’s nice being able to help out other magicians and even nicer when someone recommends you. I was excited after speaking to Robin about the wedding of two delightful women and he gave me their number so I gave them a call.

She was delightful and I got a good feeling after our chat. If you get on it’s a good sign and the gig is likely to go better. Remember ask yourself do you like their manner and would you like their company. They’ll be spending the whole time bustling around making conversations and atmosphere so it’s important you like them a bit.

If a magicians manner isn’t to your taste they might not be right for your guests. Close up mingling magic is not like a theatre show, hence the magician needs people skills and without them your’e gambling the magic will be enough to engage them. Magicians can’t just get by on good tricks in those scenarios. Building theatrical atmosphere is not easy.

I rocked up to Dawlish Manor and got stuck in on the day. The picture, at the top of the post, is the first group I got to mingle with. The group looked engrossed and set a lovely tone for the rest of the day. As a result I knew it would be good gig. Nice conversations and good weather all made a perfect wedding.

Part of an email from them

Everyone absolutely loved your skills, and if your ears have been burning in the last week, it’s because lots of people were telling us how brilliant you were! Everyone loved your style and the craziness of your magic.

You added a real element of pizzazz, and I’m so grateful that you were a part of our big day. Thank you so much.

Attached is a photo my sister took.

You will always be part of a life long memory, how precious is that!

A happy couple

Weddings are very precious indeed and the more gigs I get to the more my eyes open to how wonderful it is being at them. I can’t wait till the next one so I can meet some more beautiful people. Let’s see if together we can create some laughter, some wonder and definitely some magic that will be a life long memory.