I recently got booked for a hen party looking for a table magician. They booked me over a lot of other magicians. Good stuff. This stories funny get ready for it.

Tip: Don’t confuse a table magician for a stripper 😉

I’ve travelled the country performing for audiences. The gigs closer to home are always a blast.

Cornwall has some amazing venues this one is on the North Coast. The Scarlet hotel. It’s an awesome place.

It was an odd moment walking in and everyone wondering who the hell I was. The Bride’s face dropped. It was written on all their faces is this the stripper!?

The booker introduced me to the bride. We sensed an awkward moment. I introduce myself. “Evening everyone I’m Harris. The table Magician Cornwall.”

Relief filled the room. Everyone relaxes and we had a great evening.

Remember never confuse a magician for a stripper. And if your looking for alternative entertainment on your hen do get in touch. A table magician might be what you’re after.

If you’re not organising a hen do Plymouth magazine loved me as a wedding magician.

Questions to ask a table magician before booking:

  1. How long will you work for?
  2. What will happen when you arrive?
  3. How will we know you’ve finished your performance?
  4. What will happen when you perform?
  5. How do you want paying?
  6. Do you have any terms and conditions?
  7. Do you have public liability insurance?

Things to ask yourself before booking a table magician:

  1. Is the magician a people person?
  2. Do my guests like magic?
  3. Does the table magician have any reviews? (are they good?)
  4. Are they a member of any magic societies or performers guild?